As a part of the services that Safari Landscapes offers, Artificial Turf / Grass installation is one of them. Fake grass is commonly popular in the UK, but has also grown popularity in the United States these recent years. The reason being is because of the benefits it comes with.

Artificial Turf Doesn’t Need Water or Maintenance
Unlike natural grasses, artificial turf require no maintenance to maintain it’s ravishing green appearance. No weekly mowing, just lay the turf in place and forget it. When the leaves fall, just sweep them off. One of the best things about artificial turf is its low-maintenance nature. It allows you to focus more on the things you enjoy doing in your yard, like hosting parties, barbecues, and spending time with your family.

The Grass is Greener
Grass and sod will go into a dormant stage in the winter and turn brown and unsightly. If you live in an arid area, you may be experiencing this now as the widespread drought continues to devastate certain areas. Artificial turf will remain the same color year around and look good no matter which season it is.

It’s Environmentally Friendly
Since the product requires no maintenance from gas or electric-powered lawn equipment, artificial turf is more eco-friendly than even natural grass. A simple sweeping with a broom will clear away most any debris or soil from the tip of the turf and have it looking great in no time.

Cost Effective Replacement
When it’s time to replace artificial turf, the process is less expensive and easier than replacing a landscape with grass seeds or sod. If the turf being replaced still has some life in it, it can be recycled for other uses in the landscape, such as creating weed-free garden paths or dog runs, making the product even more cost effective to use and replace when needed.

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