Poor drainage can wreak havoc on your valuable hardscape and landscape. We offer a variety of drainage solutions to protect the investment you’ve made in the exterior beauty of your property. Let Safari Landscapes analyze your situation and recommend the perfect option for your particular situation. Our solutions include:

Grading and Topsoil Installation

Most of the water problems that property owners encounter can be avoided with proper grading and topsoil installation. We begin all of our new installations and redesigns with this in mind.

Decorative Dry Creek Beds

Safari Landscapes uses this popular drainage solution because it offers both beauty and function.

Downspout Extensions

Using downspout extensions to direct excess water away from your landscaping is an excellent way to keep your greens from washing out.

Hardscape Crack Repair

When water has already caused damage to your hardscape, we can utilize polyurethane injections to effectively seal the cracks. This corrective measure stops water from continuing to leak and improves the battered look of your hardscape.