Each year Safari Landscapes adds to the list of options and services we can offer. Its not something that is accomplished overnight. Everyone wants to offer the largest “menu” but it takes the proper work experience, tools and manpower to be able to pull it off. We have done our best to expand every year without sacrificing the needs of our current customers nor substituting quantity for quality. You can be sure that if we offer a service, we are proficient with a well trained crew to accomplish it. Our services include:

Its impossible to list every little job we are capable of doing so we ask that if your need is not mentioned here you give us a call.  Our company is able to do most things closely or loosely related to landscape design

Maintenance Programs

Every well manicure lawn requires its owner to take regular care of it to keep it beautiful and healthy. We feature several maintenance packages that are designed to keep your garden, front and back, looking its best throughout the year. Our plans include the following:

  • Lawn fertilization, weed and disease controlPatio
  • Plant fertilization, disease and insect control program
  • Shrub, small tree and ground cover pruning
  • Irrigation system monitoring and controller programming
  • Seasonal color maintenance(additional cost for installation)
  • Disposal of lawn debris
  • Soil testing and evaluation
  • Mowing, trimming, etc (weekly and combination only).