Regular fertilization can improve the look and health of any lawn. Whether you’ve recently installed a new lawn or are looking to rehab a stressed one, Safari Landscapes can tailor a fertilizer program based on the type of grass in your yard.

While your lawn can benefit from annual fertilization, putting it on a quarterly feeding schedule will ensure it can better withstand mowing, foot traffic, heat, cold, and other natural stresses.

Because no two lawns are alike, what works for your neighbor’s lawn may not produce the same results in your yard. Sun, shade, soil composition and other factors all play a part in determining what type of fertilizer your lawn needs to thrive.

Call Safari Landscapes today and let us take a look at your lawn and design a program specifically for the type of grass you’re growing.

Our crew has experience using a variety of both synthetic and organic fertilizers and can recommend a beneficial, eco-friendly option that will supply your soil and grass with the nutrients necessary to thrive.

Get an estimate today. The best time to fertilize is right around the corner.

Best Times to Feed Your Lawn:

Early Spring (February to April)—wake up your lawn with an early spring fertilization that strengthens the roots and prepares your grass to grow.

Late Spring (April to June)—spring’s showers stimulate growth for both grass and weeds. A weed-and-feed treatment during these months allows you to feed your lawn while starving stubborn weeds.

Summer (June to August)—summer fertilization protects your lawn from intense heat, drought, foot traffic, and insect/pest activity.

Fall (September to November)—fall fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow and take advantage of the cooler temperatures, rainfall and morning dew that come with gentler fall weather.