We have experienced pool cleaners that will keep your pool’s water looking sparkling clean and chemically balanced to enjoy year around.   Our technicians can also repair your pool system by replacing filters, pumps and piping if needed.

Our cost is as low as $140 with chemicals included (tabs, shock, acid, alkalinity). For salt pools salt bags are separate. All Algae treatments & repairs will be separate as well. So call now at the office and book us as your pool cleaners. How great would that be to have your landscapers & pool cleaners working as one.


We are a well establish business that maintains pools. We also do landscape and lawn service.

Pool visits include:

  • Skimming debris on top the pool
  • Balance chemicals
  • Empty skimmers and pump baskets
  • Add the necessary chemicals
  • Vacuum and leaf master pools
  • Check equipment area
  • Backwash filters (if necessary)
  • Empty Polaris bag
  • Brush tiles and side of the pool

(We also do repairs and filter clean.)

Landscape services:

  • Design and installation
  • Irrigation

Lawn maintenance service includes:

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Weed-eat
  • Blow
  • Necessary pruning and trimming
  • Spraying of herbal side
  • Fertilizer application

We have been in service for over 25 years in the Greater Houston area.

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